Közbeszerzési Hatóság

16. §

The estimated value of public procurements

16. §

1. The estimated value of a public procurement shall be the full consideration requested or offered in general for its subject-matter on the relevant market, at the time of the beginning of the procurement procedure and it is to be calculated net of VAT and taking account of the provisions of Articles 17 to 20. The full consideration shall include the value of the optional part, in the case of an invitation to tender containing an optional part.

2. The estimated value of the public procurement shall include the fees and other payments (commission) payable by contracting authorities to candidates or tenderers, where contracting authorities shall make such payments to candidates or tenderers.

3. Where the contracting authority ensures the possibility of dividing the contract into lots, the value of all lots shall be included in the estimated value of the public contract.

4. If the contracting authority is comprised of separate operational or institutional units (hereinafter referred to as ‘operational unit’), the purchasing need of all the operational units shall be taken into account when establishing the estimated value of the public procurement, which is calculated in the light of the provision set out in Article 19(3), except where a separate operational unit is organised as an independent economic entity and it has the right to determine its own operational budget. In the latter case, the estimated value of the public procurement may be calculated at the level of the operational unit in question.

5. The Public Procurement Authority shall publish Guidelines concerning the methods for calculating the estimated value and the criteria to be taken into account when selecting the method to be applied.