Közbeszerzési Hatóság

167. §

Review procedures for prequalification cases

167. §

1.    The provisions pertaining to the procedure conducted by the Public Procurement Arbitration Board shall apply to review procedures for prequalification cases with the differences pursuant to paragraphs 2– 4, as appropriate.

2.    The applicant may lodge an appeal against the rejection of its prequalification application and its deletion from the pre-qualification list. Such appeal may be lodged within fifteen days of receiving written notification of the same by the contracting entity.

3.    The appeal shall state:

a)    the name, seat (residence) of the applicant and its representative;

b)    the name and seat of the contracting entity operating the prequalification system covered by the appeal;

c)    the date of receiving the contracting entity‘s written notification;

d)    the legal provision violated;

e)    the motion relating to the decision of the Public Procurement Arbitration Board, and its reasons.

4.    In its decision, the Public Procurement Arbitration Board shall, besides stating that an infringement has taken place, declare void or change the contracting entity‘s decision.