Közbeszerzési Hatóság

171. §

171. §

1.  The court shall examine the application within eight days, and it shall send the application which is in accordance with the legislation together with the declaration of the Public Procurement Arbitration Board to the claimant.

2. If the application contains a request for the suspension of the execution of the decision, the court shall make a decision in this matter within five days following the receipt of the documents at the court and it shall send its decision to the parties without delay. 

3.  The court shall inform the opponent party and any parties interested in the public procurement case for whom the decision of the Public Procurement Arbitration Board contains an order, about the possibility to intervene within the time limit specified in paragraph (1), noting that the intervention shall be reported to the court within eight days following the receipt of the notification. Failing to meet this time limit no excuse shall be granted.

4. In the course of the legal proceeding a time limit of not more than eight days shall be given for the submission of the missing information of the applications. When justified, the time limit may be extended once with a period of eight days at most.